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In 2007, Agence LUCIE created the first French CSR label, based on an ethical and transparent labeling process aligned with the values of CSR. 4 key principles ensure the credibility of the LUCIE 26000 label: 


An external audit of the company’s CSR strategy by a subject-matter expert. This audit is done on-site and includes consulting internal and external stakeholders.


Agence LUCIE is entirely neutral in this process: it does not decide whether or not to award the label. That decision is made by independant CSR experts: The labeling committee

These volunteer CSR experts form a labeling committee that makes a collegial decisions on wether or not to award the label based on the organization’s audit report and 3-year CSR action plan;


To ensure that labeled companies are really implementing their CSR policy, a follow up audit is performed after 18 months.
The LUCIE 26000, Sustainable IT – Level 2 and Biodiversity Progress labels all use this demanding process. While the LUCIE Progress and Sustainable IT – Level 1 labeling processes are simpler, external audits remain key to all Agence LUCIE labeling processes. 

These audits are performed by subject-matter experts and offer companies an objective external perspective on their CSR practices. The auditors also suggest avenues for improvement to help the organizations do better.

Agence LUCIE

In response to the rapid growth of the LUCIE Community and the demand for CSR audits, Agence LUCIE has been performing several types of CSR audits since 2020:

  • LUCIE 26000 label follow-up audits ;
  • LUCIE Progress audits ;
  • SIT label – level 1 audits.

These audits are performed by auditors who are experts in CSR and the LUCIE labeling processes. 

At LUCIE, we are proud to offer rigorous and transparent labeling processes in which LUCIE is strictly neutral. That is why for the LUCIE 26000 label,our auditors only do follow-up audits to verify that the organization has implemented its CSR progress commitments after 18 months. The initial audit is performed by external auditors from Bureau Veritas Certification, RSEVAL, Baker Tilly. 

LUCIE Progress and the Sustainable IT label – level 1 are first-step labels that assess an organization’s level of maturity. These more readily-accessible labels give organizations a way to start their process before moving on to a more challenging label like LUCIE 26000 or the Sustainable IT label- level 2. The LUCIE team performs remote half-day audits for these labels. Following the audit and a documentary audit, the labels are awarded if the organization has achieved a minimum score out of 1000.

Bureau Veritas Certification

Bureau Veritas Certification, a Bureau Veritas Group company, continues to grow. It is the global certification leader and has significantly expanded its offer and skills, with 150,000 certificates awarded in over 100 countries. Its core mission is Quality, Safety, Environmental Protection, and SustainableDevelopment/CSR certification, audit, and training. 

After an initial partnership on the EnVol label, Bureau Veritas Certification became a LUCIE26000 label auditor using the ISO 26000 CSR standard in 2017, and a Sustainable IT label auditor in 2019. The partnership expanded to the Biodiversity Progress process and label in 2020. 

“LUCIE labeling, which was created a decade ago, has become the benchmark process for CSR progress in France. Bureau Veritas Certification will be able to offer it to its 40,000 customers in France. We will also share our experience and our European and ultimately global network with LUCIE,” says Jacques Matillon, Chairman of Bureau Veritas Certification. 

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RSEVAL is a group of senior CSR auditors and consultants who share common values and a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development.. The RSEVAL teams have recognized expertise in CSR performance audits. They have been supporting all kinds of organizations (major groups, mid-size companies, SMEs, VSEs, local governments, non-profits, etc.) in different industries throughoutFrance for over a decade.

“LUCIE labeling is probably the most complete CSR approach, and the best fit for organizations with a strong CSR commitment and high standards. RSEVAL is proud to have been a LUCIE label partner auditor for several years and to have helped some 100 LUCIE labeled organizations put their sustainable development strategy into practice. ” Christine Piron, Senior Auditor and Co-Director of RSEVAL

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Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly is an advisory, audit, and accounting firm that has helped executives and businesses of all sizes and across all industries grow their business for close to 60 years. With its strong network of specialist partners, Baker Tilly offers a full range of solutions to boost the performance and growth of any organization.

Baker Tilly is a people-centric company that relies on its team of 1,500 employees to spearhead the transition to a more responsible business model. As a LUCIE 26000 label holder, Baker Tilly is committed to sustainable global performance alongside its customers, employees, and suppliers, and to making every day an opportunity to take on the challenges of tomorrow, today. Baker Tilly is accredited byCOFRAC, the French accreditation authority, under number 3-1215 (the scope of its accreditation can be viewed on the  website) and has been performing verification of non-financial performance statements since 2017. It also helps its mission driven clients prepare for independent third-party audits. Baker Tilly has received initial approval for its application to audit mission-driven companies and is currently awaiting the COFRAC audit required for official accreditation.

In 2021, Baker Tilly also became an auditor for the LUCIE 26000 and Sustainable IT labels.

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SGS is the global leader in testing, inspection, and certification. Recognized as the gold standard in quality and integrity, SGS operates a network of over 2,600 offices and labels worldwide and has a team of over 93,000 employees working together for a better, safer, more interconnected world.

In France, SGS currently has 2,800 employees in more than 120 offices and audit centers and 33 labs. SGS provides services throughout the supply chain for industries including agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, consumer goods, transportation, energy, chemicals, the environment, and industrial services.

SGS contributed to the creation of the Sustainable IT label before becoming one of its auditors.

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