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With the LUCIE 26000 label, become the company, non-profit, or local authority that Society needs.

As the first French CSR label, LUCIE has been supporting companies, non-profits, and local governments that want to incorporate social and environmental concerns into their activities and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals since 2007.

With close to 1,200 committed organizations and over 400 that have earned a label, the LUCIE Community is the biggest community of organizations committed to CSR in France.

The LUCIE label is a true continuous progress strategy that covers all 7 CSR themes and includes 360° support to structure your CSR strategy. LUCIE will support you as you implement a practical CSR strategy that will transform your company’s practices, with on-site audits, stakeholder consultations, and a 4-year CSR action plan approved by an independent labeling committee.

The LUCIE 26000 label in numbers

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The label for companies that contribute to the environmental and solidarity transition

Why choose the LUCIE 26000 label?

Choose a rigorous, substantive label

LUCIE lends credibility to your CSR strategy. The labeling process is both rigorous and transparent. The LUCIE 26000 label requires an external on-site audit performed by an expert.

Become a great workplace

Your commitment to sustainable development counts and enhances your employer brand. With LUCIE, you can make work more meaningful to attract talent and build employee loyalty.

Committing to a cause that matters

It’s no longer enough for organizations to just be economic players. They need to create meaning, have values, and achieve their mission, all while having a positive impact on people and the environment.

With LUCIE’s solutions and the LUCIE Community, try positive CSR!

Transform your business models with CSR

With LUCIE 26000, choose transformative CSR. Incorporate CSR into your core activities more easily to achieve a positive impact.

Promote your social and environmental commitments to your stakeholders.

Improve continuously and reduce risk

Making a commitment with LUCIE enables you to continuously improve your organization’s internal processes. That significantly reduces the risks involved in your activity.

Choose profitable CSR

Since its creation, the LUCIE 26000 label has promoted Positive CSR, an approach that contributes to overall corporate performance. LUCIE develops tools to help you steer your responsibility strategy’s value creation.

How do you earn the label?

LUCIE 26000 is the gold standard CSR label. It offers your stakeholders a guarantee that you will implement a 4-year action plan to become more committed and responsible.

LUCIE 26000 is a turnkey process. It includes the following steps:


Join the LUCIE Community

Want to become a recognized contributor to the transition? Ready to boost your commitment to society and the environment? Start your labeling process by contacting the Agence LUCIE team.

You will join the LUCIE Community, a group of close to 1,200 committed and responsible organizations that enjoy a wide range of benefits.



Since its creation, LUCIE has been developing resources to make CSR and ISO 26000 accessible to all organizations. That’s why all label applicants are required to complete the training course “Steering your ISO 26000 CSR Strategy with the LUCIE Label”.

At the end of the training, you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to implement a CSR action plan designed to address your priority concerns.

Agence LUCIE has its own CSR training center. It is a Qualiopi-certified training provider so you can have your training funded by your training operator (OPCO).


Self-audit and preparation

You will use the methods covered during training and the LUCIE tools to perform a self-audit of your organization covering all seven ISO 26000 CSR themes.

The self-audit will give you an opportunity to prepare for the CSR auditor’s visit to your organization and to identify avenues for improvement that you can include in your 4-year action plan.

You can opt for a supported self-audit to complete this step with the assistance of LUCIE experts.


External on-site audit and 4-year CSR action plan

Your strategy will then be analyzed in detail by a CSR auditor from Bureau Veritas Certification, RSEVAL, Baker Tilly or, for training organizations only, CertUp Maïeutika.

The on-site audit is performed by a CSR expert and includes interviews with numerous internal and external stakeholders.

And the end of the audit, the CSR auditor will score your CSR policy on a 1000-point scale and make recommendations to help you improve.

Your organization will then develop a CSR plan to implement over 4 years so it can take social and environmental issues into account in its activity more effectively and do more to contribute to the SDGs.


Earn the LUCIE 26000 label

To earn the LUCIE 26000 label, your organization must follow the regulations and obtain a score of over 500/1000 on its CSR strategy audit.  

An independent labeling committee will then study the proposed CSR action plan and the audit report. It will determine whether or not to award the label. This approach ensures that the label is fully independent and credible.


Implement your CSR commitment over time

The LUCIE 26000 label is not an end in itself. It demonstrates your commitment to progress on CSR.

If you receive the label, auditors from Agence LUCIE, Bureau Veritas Certification, RSEVAL, Baker Tilly, or CertUp Maïeutika will perform a follow-up audit 2 years later to review the implementation of your CSR commitments. After 4 years, you will start a new labeling cycle to continue to grow your positive impact.

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