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The label for organizations that are committed to responsible, ethical, and inclusive IT

The digital transformation is revolutionizing business. But IT isn’t a virtual industry. The environmental challenges that come with the digital transformation are all too often neglected.

The environmental impact of IT risks becoming even more severe due to booming energy  consumption, increased greenhouse gas emissions and water and air pollution, depletion of  non-renewable natural resources, faster loss of biodiversity, and the growing difficulty of  managing issues like mining, end-of-life devices, and other issues. 

Sustainable IT is a continuous improvement strategy that aims to shrink the environmental, economic, and social footprint of information and communication technologies (ICTs). 

Join a community of organizations working to reduce the environmental impact of IT. 

Level 1

SIT label logo - level 1

Level 2

SIT label logo -level 2

Duration of labeling

Label awarded

Minimum score

Level of verification

Required training

SIT progress plan

2 years

Based on the score



  • Documentary audit (employee – customer – supplier surveys)
  • 1/2 day remote audit
  • 2-year progress plan
MOOC, completion verified by a certificate awarded by the ISIT

3 years

By the labeling committee



  • Self-audit
  • On-site audit by an external expert
  • 3-year progress plan
  • Evaluated by the labeling committee

3 days of Sustainable IT training with the LUCIE training center

They are involved in the SIT labelisation

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Why earn the sustainable IT label?

The challenges of IT

The digital transformation is revolutionizing our societies, our businesses, and traditional production and consumption models. But IT isn’t a virtual industry!

When it comes to the environmental impact of IT, resource mining and the process of turning those resources into electronic components are by far the biggest culprits, closely followed by pollution from end-of-life electronics.

A few figures reveal what’s at stake:


of GHG emissions are generated by the internet


of GHG emissions are generated by the internet


of internet bandwidth is used by streaming

billion electronic devices

kilograms of chemical to produce a single computer

years: the service life of a computer

Why commit with the Sustainable IT label?

IT seems virtual but it has a major real-world impact in terms of energy consumption, raw material usage, and the electronic waste it generates

With the SIT label, your company can prove that it is implementing a rigorous green IT strategy

That type of strategy offers a range of benefits:

  • Commit to reducing the environmental impact of IT
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Choose a rigorous label
  • Save money
  • Anticipate future regulations
  • Unite your teams

How do you earn the label?


Join the SIT Community

Start your SIT labeling process by contacting the Agence LUCIE team. You can then join the LUCIE Community.



Level 1 

To earn the SIT label – level 1, you will need to complete the  SIT MOOC  and the Sustainable IT Certificate   from the Institute for Sustainable IT. 

Level 2​

To earn the SIT label – level 2, you will need to complete the  3-day SIT course Mastering the issues and managing a Sustainable IT Strategy with the SIT label .

At the end of the training, you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to  implement a practical SIT action plan integrated into your CSR strategy. Agence LUCIE’s CSR training center is a Qualiopi-certified training provider so you  can have your training funded by your training operator (OPCO). 


Self-audit and preparation

You will use the tools provided during the training to self-audit your organization’s level on 
sustainable IT themes. 

The company will achieve compliance with the requirements of the SIT label.  Expert 
Sustainable IT consultants  are available to provide support if you would like assistance. 


Labeling audit and 3-year action plan to reduce the environmental impact of IT

Level 1  

Your SIT strategy will be subjected to a half-day remote audit by an expert from Agence
LUCIE or Baker Tilly, following a documentary audit.

Level 2 

Your strategy will be subjected to an on-site audit by Bureau Veritas or SGS. In both cases, you will receive an audit report with your score out of 1000 points, a detailed audit of each principle of action, and recommendations on how to make progress.
Your company will then make commitments to reduce the impact of digital with a 3-year action plan.


Earning the Sustainable IT label

Level 1
If you score more than 300 points, your organization will receive the SIT label – level 1 for 2 years. You will then have one month to define your action plan to develop your SIT commitment .

Level 2
To obtain the label, the audit report and your commitments will be sent to the labeling committee. The labeling committee, which is administered by the ISIT and Agence Lucie, is an independent body of digital experts. It determines whether or not to award the label if the company earns a score of at least 500/1000.


Follow-up and renewal

If you receive the SIT label – level 2, experts from SGS or Bureau Veritas will perform a follow-up audit 18 months later to review the implementation of your commitments to reduce your impact on biodiversity. After 3 years, you will start a new labeling cycle to continue to reduce the environmental impact of IT at your organization.

You want to know more about SIT labeling ?

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