Centre de formation LUCIE

Centre de formation Lucie

Nearly 800 participants in 2022.

12 years
of experience

50 CSR training programs

More than 150 training planned in 2023

Our CSR training to become a more responsible business

The LUCIE Training Center, which has over 12 years of experience, offers a wide range of CSR training programs. The center is 100% dedicated to CSR and employs top experts to bring you high-quality training and help you become an active player in the environmental transition.

We offer our international clients one-day videoconference training sessions on the labeling process, covering the basics of project management and mastery of the tools we use.

Custom training sessions are available for groups of 4 to a maximum of 12 participants from the same company.

Other training courses are also available on subjects including Sustainable IT, Responsible Purchasing, and other topics upon request.

The LUCIE Training Center works with partners in other countries that can also offer CSR training.

Discover our courses that are already available in English.

personnes en équipe en train de travailler et discuter

Essential of CSR

Learning to structure a CSR approach in an organization, based on the ISO 26000 standard, and knowing to grasp a labelling procedure according to the LUCIE 26000 frame of reference.

personnes en équipe en train de travailler et discuter

Sustainable IT training

Enable a digital service manager to adopt responsible digital behavior, according to the SIT label framework. This training allows you to understand the framework and to be able to get involved in the labelling process. 

This training will also help the manager to structure its project for the application of Sustainable IT behavior.