On Thursday May 25, Alan Fustec, President of Agence LUCIE, took part in the major ChangeNOW summit in Paris. The purpose of this summit is to bring together change agents around solutions for global challenges.

ChangeNOW 2023

ChangeNOW 2023 is a three-day summit that brought together experts around solutions for protecting the planet and the challenges of Sustainable Development at the Grand Palais Ephémère in Paris.

The summit is an initiative of the positive-impact company ChangeNOW, which since 2017 has been aiming to accelerate the ecological and social transition through committed, annual projects and events. Its main topics of action are climate, biodiversity, resources and inclusion.

At this new edition, Alan Fustec, President of Agence LUCIE, spoke at an Ecosystem Workshop. As an agricultural engineer and expert in sustainable development, impact measurement and low-tech, he presented a solution for respecting planetary limits: the LUCIE Positive Label.

The LUCIE Positive Label: a new solution for a positive impact

According to Alan Fustec, only 1-3% of French companies are committed to a “real and committed” CSR initiative. In other hands, they are incorporating CSR into their entire activity and ecosystem. Despite the increasing number of committed companies, the term “CSR” is still poorly understood.

That is why, at the end of 2022, the Agence LUCIE created a new CSR label: the Label LUCIE Positive. This label enables organizations to concretely measure their impact and build the trajectory to follow and the investments to mobilize to respect planetary limits. This label is at a higher level than the LUCIE 26000 label, which is France’s leading CSR label. Its aim is to guarantee a company’s real positive impact by supporting its commitment to respecting planetary limits over a 10-year period. It also enables companies that have already been awarded the label to go further in their commitment to reducing their impact on sustainable development.

Alan Fustec also talks to the magazine WE DEMAIN about the LUCIE Positive label and the possibility of developing in respect of planetary limits.

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