LUCIE, a team of CSR enthusiats

who will support your CSR strategy whether you are just getting started or have achieved a high level of maturity.

Our team 

The Agence LUCIE team has several missions:

  • Managing a range of CSR labels
  • Running a dedicated CSR training center
  • Facilitating and developing the LUCIE community of commited and responsible organizations

Alan Fustec, a sustainable development and CSR pionner, heads of the LUCIE team. Alan implemented his first suistainable development strategy as a corporate executive in 1993.

In 1999, he became the first to have that strategy audited. Today, he is recognized as one of France’s leading experts in CSR and intangible assets.

Alan Fustec


Photo Philippe Vachet - Agence LUCIE

Philippe Vachet

Operation Director

Pauline Richard

International Development Manager

Photo profil - Eloise Reybel - développement - Agence LUCIE

Adèle Poujol

Development Officer

Photo Charline Prudent - Agence LUCIE

Charline Prudent

CSR auditor – Trainer

Photo Camila Rolando - Agence LUCIE

Camila Rolando

CSR auditor – Trainer

Gabrielle Gengoul - Agence LUCIE

Gabrielle Gengoul

Administrative and Sale Officer

Michaël Troquet

Development Manager

Photo Caroline Fusil - Agence LUCIE

Caroline Fusil

Audit and Label Management Manager – Trainer

Photo Joséphine Le Moigne - Agence LUCIE

Joséphine Le Moigne

Development Officer

Photo Marcela Sepulveda - Agence LUCIE

Marcela Sepulveda

CSR Auditor – Trainer

Emilie Restout

Communication Officer

Photo Catherine Saigne - Agence LUCIE

Catherine Saigre

Administrative Officer

Photo Béatrice Mateky - Agence LUCIE

Béatrice Mateky

Administrative Assistant 

Our Values

Rigor and caring

LUCIE is a small team that builds close, honest relationships with its stakeholders.

It promotes trusted, transformative, and profitable CSR.

Service and humility

We do our outmost to be there for you and to help you advance.

We are your coaches to develop your positive impact.

Conviction and commitment

The entire LUCIE team is passionate about organizational social responsibility.

The 1,200 Community members know that for us, CSR isn’t a product. It is a cause.

The LUCIE community

There are now more than 1,200 committed and responsible organizations in the LUCIE. Community. It is made up of members of the EnVol, Sustainable IT, and LUCIE 26000 Communities.

Commited and responsible organizations

Governance and funding

Répartition de l'actionnariat de l'Agence LUCIE

Agence LUCIE is a joint-stock company, owned 50% by non-profits and 50% by companies.

In 2018, LUCIE had the LUCIE Community become a shareholder in the label through the creation of the non-profit ALURSO, with the goal of incorporating the community’s expectations into LUCIE’s core governance.  

The majority of LUCIE’s funding comes from labeling fees and the LUCIE Training Center. 

To ensure that the labels remain rigorous, most of the labeling fees go directly to our auditors and partner network. For example 60% to 70% of LUCIE 26000 labeling costs go directly to the external director Agence LUCIE creates value and shares it with its stakeholders

Contact us

agence lucie

46 boulevard de Sébastopol
75003 PARIS

Paris, France


+33 1 42 65 47 87